Tina N Tots Children’s Academy is committed to quality and unparalleled customer service! As staff we hope you will discover that the pursuit of excellence is a rewarding aspect of your child attending the academy. The staff (sometimes called a teacher or assistant teacher) know how to talk with infants and young children. We understand how children grow and are able to plan activities that are fun, match the children’s interests and learning levels.


At Tina N Tots Children’s Academy our mission is to provide a safe, affordable, but high quality childcare facility. We will nurture, educate and provide a healthy and safe environment for our children. Our play areas are clean and large enough so children can move freely and safely. The playground is supervised by an adult at all times, cleaning fluids, medications, poisons and sharp tools are stored away from the children. Fire drills are practiced, bathrooms are clean and sanitary. The Academy has fire alarms, smoke detectors and all staff are mandated reporters.


Good health is one of life’s greatest gifts. It is recommended that on behalf of our children, we get them immunized in an effort to preserve debilitating illness or spread disease. At Tina N Tots Children’s Academy we play with a purpose to stamp out childhood obesity together! We commit to at least 60-minutes of physical activity daily. We also serve USDA Approved Meals. We are followers of Michelle Obama’s” Myplate” to ensure nutritious well balanced meals. Hand washing before and after every meal, and during transition times. A healthy environment is what we teach.


The leadership style at Tina N Tots Children’s Academy is perhaps the most potent factor influencing child care effectiveness. We create an environment based on mutual respect in which individuals work together to accomplish collective goals. The success of this child care rests largely on Ms. Tina Carr’s ability to balance organizational needs. Research in this area suggests that leaders who head the most effective organizations tend to be those that apply a transactional leadership style which is an ability to adjust their style to the demands of each situation so that both organizational needs and individual needs are met. With that being said Tina N Tots Children’s Academy is a Three Star Program with Young Star, working on our Bachelors Degree hand by hand to become a Five Star so that we can better serve you.