Our Philosophy

We believe that children are precious gifts from God with unique talents and abilities. We strive to discover, encourage and appreciate each child’s individuality, while helping them to build a positive sense of self. We are dedicated to provide a safe and loving environment where both children and their families will feel secure. Tina & Tots Children’s Academy DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE against race, religion, creed, culture, etc. We believe children should be given the opportunity to view and use the materials found in the many different cultures.

Tina & Tots Children’s Academy has an open door policy. All parents are welcome to observe classroom, attend conferences, etc. unless otherwise ordered by the court. If you wish to have a conference with a staff member, please call ahead to schedule a time.

A copy of the State of Wisconsin’s Rules and Regulations are located on the sign in / sign out counter for the convenience of all parents. Any license violations will be posted on the parent bulletin board as you enter the center.